Nut Butter Oatmeal with fruit and yoghurt

Breakfast idea:

I’ve grown tired of good old oatmeal and milk so I try to make it more fun and tasty to have.

This would also be great for kids with their favorite fresh fruits added.

✅Oats is high in soluble fiber.

✅Oats can play a great low in lowering cholesterol.

✅Oats improves blood sugar control

✅Oats helps relieve constipation

Using creative ways to serve oats to children also helps introduce them to healthier eating habits as they’ll learn to see nutritious and tasty breakfast as a necessity. They can also come up with ideas on how to enjoy a healthy and tasty breakfast!


Oats with a bit of nut butter added

Plain yoghurt



No sugar, no honey for me – Over time, my body has learned to accept fruits as sweeteners in my breakfast.

If you need more sweetness, you can drizzle some honey over.


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