Organic Homegrown Cauliflower Garden Salad

This entire salad bowl is organic and homegrown:

Romaine lettuce

Scarlet Kale

Flat Leaf Parsley


The cauliflower is blanched then tossed into the bowl together with the kale, parsley and lettuce. The romaine lettuce creates a silky texture for this salad and the blanched cauliflower gives the salad a juicy element due to its balancing. I used no dressing here. I lightly seasoned it with salt & pepper and left it to rest for about 2 hours before eating.

I have to add that my 5 year old nieces loved it. I simply added bits of their favorite meat and they gobbled it all up and asked for seconds. I was super proud of them!

Grab from the garden and make a meal!


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