Growing organic Cauliflower

This is probably one of my proudest moments and was worth the wait in 2018. It was my first time growing cauliflower and I intentionally grew it organically. Yes, it took longer but can I please tell you that my biggest one weighed 3.2kg and my smallest one weighed 2.3kg?!!!! Yet we get those tiny things in retail stores??!!

Oh I made soups and stir-fries and grilled cauliflower!! It was such a joy!!! I am looking forward to growing it again this year, this time in a pot as I’m in Centurion, studying to become a Chef.

I can also proudly and confidently tell you that growing it organically produced a more superior taste and texture compared to those that are pumped with chemicals to fast track their growth!

Also, the leaves are completely edible. Yes, they are a bit tougher than spinach as the greens we are most commonly used to and what we get in shops but they are packed with nutrients and worth a try. I had dried mine as I had so much and I also froze some. Some of them were used to make plant tea – an organic fertilizer made from soaking green vegetable leaves and stalks. I’ll fill you in on this gem in another post. I’ll also post a recipe where I used the cauliflower and broccoli leaves to make a soup with okra! Yummm!!!

The culinary possibilities of growing ones organic fresh produce are endless!! So much creativity and so much creativity is born and explored there too!!


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