Fresh Salad on an oat bran Shell

I looooooved this so much. It was super easy to put together and so filling too!! This idea came to me while I was in the kitchen, going through the fridge and bored of a stir-fry and also wanted to use oat bran elsewhere beyond how I always use it in a smoothie. So an Open/Flat Oatbran shell happened and needed toppings! Why not a salad?

Ingredients for the oat bran shell:

1 cup flour

1 cup oat bran

2 Tablespoons Room temperature butter

Pinch of salt


Put flour, salt and oat bran in a bowl. Add butter and rub together thoroughly. Add just enough water until you get a soft but not sticky dough. Roll small amounts in your palms to make balls. Roll each one out on a floured surface.

Heat a pan up and either use cook & spray or your favorite oil. I used coconut oil here. Cook the dough until it is golden brown on one side and cooked on the other. Take off the pan and leave to cool off on a plate. It will harden quickly.

Now for the topping:

Dijon mustard – spread this on the shell

Grated carrots

Red cabbage and chicken tossed in a pan seasoned with thyme, salt and pepper

Sweet corn off the cob

Mint and watercress

Sweet chilli dressing

Assemble these as you wish. I just went with the flow created by my imagination. You can also first toss all the salad ingredients in a bowl and then put it on the oat bran shell.

Why oatbran:

Well I am trying to find different ways of adding more nutrition to what I already have and good old regular flour is what I have but I wanted to mix it together with something healthy and did not want a heavy base either. I have also only ever been using oatbran in juices and smoothies and wanted to use it elsewhere and I super enjoyed this!! I added some dry mixed herbs to some of the dough to have some variety and it was great!

Oatbran is:

✅Great for weightloss due to its high fiber content

✅Good for digestive health – great role in regular bowel activity (my favorite benefit to be honest😂)

✅Lowers cholesterol


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