Watermelon, Banana, Oatmeal and Kale Smoothie

I made this Smoothie on a beautiful Sunday morning about two weeks ago:

I snuck in some Kale for the anti vegetable human being 😜 and they drank it so quickly because it is sooo good! The sweetness of the watermelon is a big hit! You can’t even taste or see the Kale. The smoothie has a deep guava colour. The oatmeal is also “covered up” and it’s just so smooth.








Don’t use too much oats and kale if your aim is to make a healthy smoothie super tasty for anti “healthy things” people, especially kids. This one tastes like it is only fruits due the small amounts of oats and kale, but the good thing is, it is healthy and tasty! Sweetness of the fruits is your super power on this one.

I used water on this one.

Feel free to use plain yoghurt for the human beings that want more richness.


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