About The Farming Cook

I am a young, happy and loud lady born in Mafikeng, NW South Africa.

My love for food started at a very young age, my mother will happily share with anyone that I started cooking from as early as 8years old and loved cooking shows.

I started growing crops in the backyard of a townhouse I lived in, in Pretoria. My curiosity about producing crops organically started here. This grew into a different love for food – I didn’t just want to cook it, I wanted to produce it.

In 2015, I wanted to eat better. I started small and this became another avenue where I took great interest in making tasty healthy dishes and growing food in a healthy way.

When I’m the kitchen or in the garden, a part of is fulfilled in a way that I cannot explain. In a nutshell, I don’t get headaches or anxious!

I have a growing passion for producing food and creating delicous dishes, hence my slogan “good farming, great flavour”. It is through growing crops that I learned the taste of affected is greatly affected by how food is grown. If food is produced better, it tastes better.

Today, I am taking baby steps towards fulfilling my heart’s desires and I hope to unfold it, and share it with you.

I am a simple girl with a big heart, big dreams and a lot of passions.

Welcome to my food and farming journey. This is where I share my passion for organically produced vegetables and herbs, and also share my love for the kitchen! This is just one of my professional passions.

I am a lover of food – making and growing it – and I hope to inspire you to view food differently, appreciate it more and enjoy it more!