Sunday morning in my vegetable garden

Rainbow Swiss Chard

We have been blessed with good harvests every week but today’s harvest is the biggest we have had this year.

Yellow, red and green swiss chard.

With every swiss chard harvest, we wash, chop and freeze. That way there is no waste and we always have a good supply when for cooking, freezing and making smoothies.

The first tomato of 2020

I am excited for our first tomatoes. I have grown them previously on my small holding back home in the Mahikeng and look forward to growing them here in Wierdapark.

Habanero Pepper

We had a good growing season of habanero peppers before winter this year and I am looking forward to another good season. I am eager to make another batch of habanero pepper sauce.

Habanero Pepper Sauce – 20 April 2020


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