Sweet Corn, Broccoli and Pear Salad

It is January and here we again trying to do better for our bodies and health! Shall we?

This is a quick salad that I am currently replacing starch or heavy carbs with. This bowl will last for about 2 days lunch and dinner.


1 head of broccoli, Blanched.

1/2 large red onion, finely chopped

3 Medium sized carrots peeled, washed and diced.

3 Pieces of plain Feta Cheese

1 Green bell pepper, diced

3 Sweet Corn off the cob, blanched

2 Pears


1. Remove the corn of the cob and place it your salad bowl.

2. Dice the peat and then drizzle lemom juice over it to avoid the colour going brown. Leave it for a few minutes before adding it to the salad.

3. Add the red onion and carrots.

4. Chop the broccoli with the stems and place in the salad bowl.

5. Add the pear and crumble the feta with your hands.

6. Lightly toss the salad.

5. Add your favorite dressing – not too much, just enough to add more flavor and to avoid a dry salad.

6. Place the salad in the fridge for an hour or so for the flavors to get together.

Serve with grilled fish, meat or soft boiled eggs.


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