Soft scrambled eggs with baby spinach, sweet baby tomatoes and feta, cooked in delicious butter.

I needed to find new ways of cooking eggs as I am now tired of the frittata. I also wanted a filling and nutritious, meat free option.

No bread for me. No salt either. The feta and butter are all salt needed to season this dish.

The vegetables in these eggs are not over cooked at all and I actually like that I can still taste the authentic flavours of the spinach and tomatoes. The butter adds a flavourful richness that leads to no salt needed. The feta adds a welcome flavour that brings everything together – it also adds a richness and salt. I simply ground some black pepper and enjoy this dish.

I did not mix the eggs before cooking. I added the eggs, butter, spinach and tomatoes all at once into a cold pan and then I moved the pan to a medium heated stove. I used a nylon spatula to mix continuously on the stove while removing from the pan from the heat and putting it back as the eggs start to cook. I did this back forth, while stirring, a few times and finished the dish off the heat, added feta in the pan and mixed in slightly just before serving and then crumbed more feta on top. The eggs are still steaming at this stage abs that’s what melts the feta in, and avoid the eggs from over cooking – taking them off the heat just in time and letting them finish cooking in the pain with the residual heat. The tomatoes were also just about to release their juices but were not quiet there yet so cooking in this manner wilted the spinach, cooked the eggs just right, and just about heated the tomatoes.

For a meaty option, I’d recommend adding some crispy bacon bits or sliced sausage. Chicken would also do well here.

I’ll do a meaty option and post soon.

I am trying to avoid bread so this is filling enough.


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  1. This looks really tasty!


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