Vetkoek (Magwenya) and Mince

This is one of my family’s favorite meals. Minced meat is another name for ground beef here in South Africa. Minced meat is only used to refer to ground beef. If it is minced chicken, or minced pork or any other meat, we don’t call that other meat minced meat. “Mince” is short for “minced meat”.

Vetkoek, also called Magwenya or machuchu is a yeast dough that’s simply deep fried till golden brown.

The combination of mangwenya and minced meat is one of South Africa’s traditional meals. Magwenya can be paired with other meats or vegetables or just eaten alone. The ground beef is usually in a sauce/gravy. It can also be curried mince. However you prepare or serve it, this meal is great and often, no cutlery is needed. We just dig in with our hands!


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