Boiled Egg, Steamed Bread Toast and Garden Salad

This is a throwback to when I lived full time in the village of Morwatshetlha, Mafikeng in 2018.

In short, this is leftover salad made from ingredients I grew, boiled egg, toasted homemade steamed bread.

I made salad and hake for dinner one evening this week and used the leftover salad for breakfast the following day.

The salad ingredients were freshly picked for dinner so the flavors were very strong and tasty!

From my garden:

Romaine lettuce

Fresh Parsley


And that’s the salad! No dressing needed.


I made homemade steamed bread (ujeqe/ledombolo/dombi) and cooked it in enamel mugs and sliced the it up into rounds, then sliced the few I used for the breakfast toast. I first buttered both sides then toasted in the oven.

I added sliced boiled eggs and enjoyed the meal!!!


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